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Let us introduce ourselves...

The Dukeries Area Residents' Association is a non-political organisation established to represent the needs and interests of the residents of the area known as "the Dukeries", and on occasion the needs of people, businesses or organisations whose interests intersect with those of the Dukeries residents. This site is here to keep you informed about the activities of the association, and about more general news and forthcoming events in the area that residents and visitors might be interested in.

The news page will tell you what has been happening in the association and the Dukeries area. The events page contains information about public meetings, and more leisurely events coming to our area. The contacts page is your means of getting in touch with us. The information page contains general information about the area, and the links page has links to other organisations.

Latest... Bin Collection Changes

11th May: Residents should have received a letter from the council advertising their new bin collection times. Residents throughout the Dukeries will now have bins collected on Fridays instead of Mondays as before. Collections alternate between the black and the blue bins each week, with the green food bins being collected every week. (read more...)

Forthcoming Events

5 Jun: Blue Bin Collection: The council collects the blue recycling bins every other Friday. The green food bins are collected EVERY Friday. Some collections are affected by public holidays: the Friday 3rd January 2014 collection will take place on Tuesday 7th January instead. (read more...)

12 Jun: Black Bin Collection: The black bins are collected every other Friday. The green food bins will be collected at the same time. Some exceptions are caused by public holidays: (read more...)

Other Information from Around the Site

Information: Dukeries Herald

With over 1,000 households, the Dukeries area is home to a sizeable population, and it is clearly not possible to pass on news, information and notices on a person to person basis. Whilst dukeries.org.uk is one means of making information available to people, the web is very much a medium that's tied to a computer, and that's not always the most convenient mechanism by which to read it. Furthermore, it can prove a little problematic taping the PC to the fridge door if there's an article that you want to keep out as a prompt for action later! (read more...)